Choosing an Agent in Sun Lakes, Chandler, Gilbert Arizona

Choosing an Agent in Sun Lakes, Chandler, Gilbert AZDeciding to purchase a home or to sell your current one may be one of the most important decisions you will make.  A real estate agent can help make this process more efficient.  Choosing the right person to represent you can mean the difference between getting the results you desire or not and making the process  an enjoyable one. Some things to consider when choosing your agent:

  • Personality– first and foremost, is this a person that you feel you would enjoy doing business with? You will be spending a lot of time with this person and it is always a good idea if you are a good fit personality wise.
  • Knowledge– does the agent work in your desired area and are they knowledgeable about the local market? You need someone who invests their time staying current with the activity in the neighborhood so they can help you make educated decisions.
  • Experience– does the agent have the experience level that you are comfortable with?  Are they knowledgeable about current real estate trends regarding marketing, internet presence and technology? It is an important part of today’s real estate world and you need someone who understands and adapts to change.
  • Work ethic– does the agent work full time? You need someone who has dedicated themself to a real estate career, not someone who is working around another full time job or is doing this as a hobby. It may be difficult to not hire a friend or neighbor, but remember this may be your biggest asset and you need a professional.
  • Communication-has the agent demonstrated their ability to communicate well with you?  Will the agent communicate and keep you informed on a regular basis?
  • Professionalism– is the agent someone who handles themself professionally? Remember they will be representing your interests during this process.
  • Honesty and Integrity– will the agent be honest with you and communicate everything you need to hear, not just what they think you want to hear?